1. Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    aries quit being a baby 

    darth is war dirty
    conniving aries.
    wanting to ram horns after that emotional roller-coaster of pisces.
    how dare you.
    all was so well. things were good.
    the weather was warming.
    not even the pollen had any affect on me.
    but you wanted to dig in.

    then lets dig.

    lets do the mystery dance.

    there are so many things that go through my head when i blog to you, aries.

    what if i say this wrong, what if i say that wrong.
    what will that person think.
    odds are that person wont think that.
    or even read it.
    thats the problem with you aries, you wanna fight at every step.
    why not walk with me over there.
    why you wanna trip me up.
    why cant we just glide over to the spot.
    why you wanna race me to the spot
    why you gotta be a spot blocker?

    i know why.
    cuz youre lonely.
    join the club whiner.
    even the most unalone people lonely.
    un lonely yr self cry baby.
    no one is forcing you to keep up the charade.
    no one is locking you up in your modern jail.
    and no one for damn sure is gonna kick down your door and save you.
    only guy with a white horse is me and mines black
    and needs an oil change.
    but first you gotta change.
    and step one is admitting that this dance is half way over
    if not worse.
    and it doesnt have to be worse aries.
    you are the first of all the signs.
    you the baby.
    but youre also rebirth.
    so start fresh.
    start funky fresh.
    and when i say funky i mean
    funk kay