1. Saturday, April 14, 2012

    caine says hi 

    this has been a pretty good week for 9 yr old caine monroy

    nirvan with the first fun pass

    on monday, filmmaker nirvan mullick uploaded his video about caine’s arcade and it went viral the next day

    six days later and caine’s college tuition is already paid for

    and the line to his arcade

    goes around the block

    caine now needs actual staff

    and old ladys need overflow seating

    people bring their kids, they buy hats, they buy fun passes, they buy tshirts.

    if they win in the arcade they may end up with his favorite glasses

    occasionally a baby might look adorable.

    today the band who plays the song in the video was there.

    caines dad was there talking to the people

    it was a special day because the big check was there, but it was also a celebration of Nirvan’s birthday

    well deserved celebration because without nirvan, the word about caine wouldnt had gotten out there

    women wouldnt be posing with him

    or happy families

    people wouldnt be signing in his guest book

    the neighbors wouldnt be making big bucks off parkin

    and halle berry for sure wouldnt be trying to run in real quick to say hey

    so congrats caine and happy birthday nirvan.

    keep making cool art.