1. Friday, April 27, 2012

    caines arcade is open this weekend 

    hi caine

    the best interent story of the month was the little 9 year old boy and his cardboard arcade

    Caine’s Arcade went viral the day the filmmaker Nirvan put it up on the web.

    a heartwarming tale of a little kid who busied himself at his dad’s auto parts store

    by making Chuck E. Cheese type amusements out of throw aways.

    ironically since his dad owns a junkyard and sells parts online its almost exactly

    EXACTLY WHAT HIS POPS DOES – but more creative – plus hes nine so its adorbs.

    a few weeks ago i got to go to Caine’s Arcade and i met everyone and i got a tshirt

    and a few Fun Passes and yes indeed my heart was warmed.

    this weekend Caine is back from getting his First Communion and appearing at the SF Exploratorium

    and he is where it all started: in East LA at his dad’s store.

    and the arcade is open, so if youre in LA and near Downtown GO GO GO

    538 N. Mission Rd
    Boyle Heights, CA 90033

    busblog recommendation: get a Fun Pass