1. Wednesday, April 11, 2012

    clear and convincing evidence 

    ive made a lot of mistakes in my life. every day i make them.

    if i had played all of my cards right over the 109 years of my time on earth

    i would have been rich by now, probably married,

    taller, in better shape, and probably still rocking the fro.

    if all of those things happened, however, i bet you id be changing diapers now

    or driving some kids to soccer practice, as opposed to blogging to you today.

    so the question is: would i have been happier if i was perfect.

    probably not.

    there is this thing about perfectionists, rarely do they win.

    they dont win because either theyre too much in their heads

    or they are too afraid of making mistakes – or they fear taking risks.

    meanwhile gunslingers and hotshots dont care if they fail from time to time

    because they have learned that failure doesnt lead to death

    sure theres embarrassment but deep down who cares what the peanut gallery thinks.

    people can boo or cheer but those of us with zero self esteem dont hear either of those things.

    cheers roll off our backs and boos go right through us.

    leaving only the goal on the table of any interest.

    my goal tonight is to convey to you how much i love you.

    and warn the raw fish that im comin to get em.