1. Sunday, April 1, 2012

    cnn needs to hire Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck to revive Crossfire 

    cnn crossfire This week Keith Olbermann was fired by Current TV, a channel that no one can find on their cable box.

    Meanwhile Glenn Beck is festering away somewhere on the web or in a podcast or someplace equally desolate.

    Just a few years ago both of these men were Must See TV to popcorn eating viewers who enjoyed how the hosts would GO OFF on the other side.

    CNN should hire them both to bring back Crossfire.

    CNN squashed Crossfire not because the show was faulty but because eight years ago Jon Stewart rightfully called out Tucker Carlson for being a dbag and a terrible host. Paul Begala just happened to be there.

    “[You’re] hurting America,” Stewart pretended to believe. As if a one-hour political talk show could damage the greatest country on earth.

    Since when does Jon Stewart of Comedy Central get to decide what’s on tv? In fact isn’t he a competitor to CNN? Of course he takes a secret joy in dismantling a once-vital piece of political television.

    The problem that Keith O has is he is a pitbull who needs some meat to chew on. With the absence of a Bush white house, it appears that Keith’s rage has focused within.

    Give him Glenn Beck. Meanwhile Beck needs Keith the way Mars needs women and the way CNN needs ratings.

    The once and fallen king of Fox News can’t even get it together on Twitter. That loveable meatball Snookie has more than 10x as many followers as the man who cried for you as he tried to Restore America.

    Fox News and MSNBC are beating the cable news pioneer and no offense but Anderson Cooper isn’t the killer app.

    Render unto the people what they want: theatre.

    Bring back Crossfire. Bring back the heavyweights. Who even cares who the guests will be.

    And make some damn popcorn.