1. Monday, April 30, 2012

    dont ever give up. ever ever ever 

    phillie phanatic

    ive had girlfriends who dont understand sports. and dude co-workers.

    and they’d ask whats the point? these are all humans with gene mutations.

    these are all roided up jocks who you would have hated to be friends with.

    these are all freaks of nature who are benefiting from over excited pituitary glands.

    but id say this isnt anything like that. yes some of these people are taller or bigger or faster,

    but at the heart of sports just like the heart of anything are people who

    simply want to win.

    indeed, at the heart of sports is heart.

    something we can all relate to. something we can definitely learn from.

    this weekend several things happened that on paper should never have happened.

    The Clippers came back from an insurmountable deficit to beat the Memphis Grizzlies in Tennessee.

    The lowly Chicago Cubs went into Philadelphia to beat a team expected to make it into postseason play.

    and Albert Puljos of the Anaheim Angels, a man paid tens of millions a year, mostly to hit homers,

    could not hit the ball out of the infield, again.

    life has never been predictable.

    not the interesting moments, at least.

    keep playing.