1. Monday, April 2, 2012

    haters’ll make you think the smog is so thick in LA you can chew it 

    a film they’ll tell you the girls are all stuck up
    and as phony as a movie set.
    and the rent is too damn high
    and the traffic is gridlocked erryday
    and the crips and the bloods driveby
    selling drugs to kids
    and if you dont buy the drugs
    they’ll shoot you
    but not to kill,
    just to wound,
    so you’ll actually need drugs
    and then they’ll affix
    a slight penalty charge on the invoice.
    then they’ll blacklist you at all
    the good restaurants on the westside
    (theres only one)
    forcing you to use an alias
    when placing reservations
    but when you retrive your car from the valet
    your stations’ll be changed.
    haters’ll have you believe
    that either its super hot in LA
    or the mountains are on fire with flames
    or there will be crazy mudslides
    when there arent earthquakes n riots.
    they’ll say there are so many illegal immigrants
    that all you’ll hear floating out windows
    will be the most beautiful melodies
    sung in charming foreign tongues.
    but one thing
    even haters cant believe
    is how clear the skies are
    above LA sunday
    after a particularly windy
    saturday night.
    ‘its almost too bright.’