1. Monday, April 9, 2012

    i dont think i will read to my kids 

    obama reads

    effers better read to me if they want dinner yo.

    i want them to read me my newspapers

    i want them to read me my future

    or im gonna have to read em their rights.

    and oh em gee they better learn the right to remain silent.

    theres this church right behind my humble home. fine church except they allow children.

    these kids scream about anything: when they happy, when they mad, when they running, jumping

    scream scream scream.

    even though theyre outside they should be using their inside voices. but they dont.

    the spirit compels them, their mamas tell me when i complain.

    ferme les bushes i say but they dont parlez, they habla.

    im gonna read them their rights one of these days and steal their pupu platters

    but they cute.

    so cute.

    they dont know nothin.

    just running around on the sidewalk pretending its a playground.

    right there next to the busy street.