1. Monday, April 30, 2012

    i know im a weirdo 

    tony pierce and cubs hat

    not so sure i can do anything about that.

    im a thousand years old, i live in a shoe

    the people <3 me and i <3 them too. this guy was totally lying to me today and it reminded me of the time i saw nirvana at the forum

    its punk rock to throw a shoe at the singer at a punk rock show

    no matter how big and fancy youve made it, so someone threw a shoe at kurdt

    right when he was doing a tiny acoustic set sitting on a chair.

    kurt didnt flinch.

    maybe for reasons not super punk rock

    or maybe because

    since when do slackers care.

    our job is simply to tear the roof off the joint.

    and then go back to mope

    in ironic elegance.

    the thing about being a weirdo is if you actually listen to your parents

    and all the books and all the movies and all the things that say

    be yourself,

    it almost becomes a dare.

    what i <3 about the kids today is they have a saying: Challenge Accepted.

    tomorrow im going to accept an offer to be on a fancy board.

    ten bucks no one throws a shoe at me,