1. Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    jack whites solo record is out today 

    solo sometimes its ok to go solo.

    im sure its scary for some.

    i went solo for a while. everything was ok.

    i wasnt lookin for a wookie, but one showed up, then another.

    at first i was all, hi but this is really a one man show


    and i was like ok, how about you do some of the stuff i dont really wanna do

    and the wookie was all mmmkay

    after work when we were driving home i would get tired and i was all hey wanna drive?

    and the wookie was all hell yeah bro

    then one day the wookie wasnt around any more and i realized id grown used to him

    and i missed him.

    and then i realized we are always solo

    even when you think you have a connection to someone its still two artists

    two rockers

    two jedi knights

    from different parts of the worlds

    who respond differently day to day to different things

    and by nature Should want to be different.

    and why we will not only all die in the end,

    but die alone.