1. Saturday, April 7, 2012

    nine teen years ago 46 yr old nolan ryan beat up a 26 yr old 

    19 years ago robin ventura was an all star third baseman for the chicago white sux when he dared run at nolan ryan

    after ryan hit him with a pitch.

    in a move no one expected but everyone cheered,

    the ryan express put ventura in a headlock and throttled his head with

    a half dozen noogies

    or however you spell it.

    ryan retired at the end of the season but now almost two decades later,

    ryan now runs the texas rangers and ventura is the new manager of the white sox.

    apparently the pair hadnt seen each other since that day and had tried to forget about it

    but the goll darn press and fans and fellow teammates and sportscenter and the history channel

    and classic espn and youtube and the busblog keep bringing it up

    anyways they shook hands

    made out

    and pat each other on the rump.

    the end.