1. Saturday, April 28, 2012

    nothing in here is true 

    karisa and ali

    ali came back from japan this week and she was all i think i got radiation out there

    i said no prob, i can poke my head into the xbi and grab you a remedy

    but it might get you drunk, and its best paired with delicious sushi

    with karisa and i.

    ali was like dude im so sick of sushi and to be honest i think i got poisoned off that crap in osaka

    i was all baby who do you think youre talking to. next to esp my special skill is poisons

    ive got the cure, but seriously sushi is the best thing to drink it with. sorry.

    got to the joint, plopped the magic bottle on the table and bro was all, weve gotta charge you a corkage fee

    i went what? he was like dude you cant just bring your own booze in this classy place, $10 corkage.

    i was all, this isnt any normal saki, this is an antidote for radiation

    dude looked at the bottle, looked at my dining mates, said $20.

    i was all

    karisa said stop talking tony.

    i shut up and i paid the man the money.