1. Monday, April 23, 2012

    people do weird things. nobody knows why. 

    this lady jumped on a van that was moving today.
    her boyfriend was driving it.
    he had just robbed a bank, allegedly and was being chased by the cops.
    she was on the sidewalk on the phone, probably with him,
    when he made his way to her.
    he slowed down and she jumped on the van
    and he picked up speed.
    she held on tight. hugging the side of it.
    when she realized her man was cray, she climbed up the side to the roof
    and then slid in the window.

    sometimes i feel like im the driver guy running from the law
    in a mini van

    sometimes i feel like im the lady hugging a moving vehicle.

    you know what the xbi would say about all this?

    feelings are stupid.

    hold on

    and floor it.