1. Thursday, April 19, 2012

    sometimes things just get miserable 


    and you say oh remember that one time when things were so fun

    remember that time in vegas?

    remember that other time in vegas?

    if you were smart you would have collected all the nicest comments youd received over the years.

    or all the flirty emails that filled your in box.

    because every now and then someone will say something to do, or do something to you

    or look at you funny

    or send you a letter that says oh yeah we dont owe you a few hundred dollars

    YOU OWE US $7,000!

    so if you agree with us, PAY

    and if you dont agree with us, thats right, thats not an option.

    wheres the box that says i dont owe you squat?

    wheres the other box that says matter of fact now you owe me for harshing my mellow?

    your snail mail is faulty, internal revenue service,

    it didnt come equipped with a $7,000 check

    to pay that ridiculous $7,000 bill