1. Monday, April 30, 2012

    the night of the riots i was at dodger stadium 

    great coverage on kpcc

    with world famous record producer Taavi Mote.

    even though it was just a night out to leave business behind for a few hours

    i brought two cassettes in hopes he would love them: The Wonderfuls and The Sean White Band

    but the only tape deck Taavi had in his little alfa romero was a DAT player.

    so we watched the game, talked about girls, ate hotdogs and seriously left the

    real world behind.

    because those were the days before cell phones, no one knew that not far away LA was beginning to burn

    and the PA announcer at Dodger Stadium seemed perfectly content not telling us

    it was only as i was driving back home to Santa Barbara did i remember the verdict was

    going to be announced early in the day

    and about 15 minutes south of Isla Vista i turned on a news station and heard what i had missed

    so the biggest memory i have of the rodney king rioting

    was one of the most tranquil trips to a ball game ive ever had.