1. Friday, April 27, 2012

    the other day i was interviewed 

    id been interviewed before, but this was a really good one.

    the guy had done his homework and knew who i was pretty much.

    and asked about “nothing in this is true”. i said it was there to allow for some freedom.

    some breathing room.

    they say wines have to breathe a little after you open them. (who knows why)

    but in this case lies have to breathe too.

    creativity needs some oxygen to dilute the fantastical

    and lord knows the more interviews i do, the more diluted i get.

    but one thing im sure about is theres a replacement for me.

    the guy asked if there were any other blogs like the busblog and i thought about during its heyday when there were some blogs that sure looked and sounded like this bad boy.

    of course they didnt have the tales of hollywood and vegas and anna kournikova but

    they had the ee no caps and the broken lines and the wispy thisnthat.

    the great thing about the internet is it mirrors lifes mortality. nothing lasts forever.

    first theres dogpile then alta vista then yahoo then google

    just like there was friendster and myspace and facebook and there will be another thing.

    once upon a time we all thought microsoft was gonna be in our fridgerators and brain chips and wrist watches

    but people get leapfrogged because once you get on top you get fat and lazy

    and worse: you think what got you there will keep you there and no one will ketchup.

    as someone who has caught up with the uncatchupables year after year after year

    and who have listened to fools say omg that goal is impossible we can never get way up there

    i simply remind them of that part in the good book where folk working together made the tower of babel

    where normal people said we can build a stairway to heaven

    and after a while the angels were all, omg theyre doing it.

    when yr hungry you can do anything.

    so stay hungry my friends

    cuz theres always someone hungrier behind you

    and your overly confident ass looks so tasty to them.