1. Monday, April 2, 2012

    today is Sarah’s birthday, she’s 24 

    sarah with tom morello

    Laker, Trojan, and Pharrell Williams bff, Sarah turns the big 2-4 today.

    You used to read her in LAist, you used to see her work at Metromix and the Homicide Report

    Nowadays you don’t realize you see her work on the front page of LATimes.com but you do as she is one of the magic fairies that makes the home page and many of the interior pages beautiful.

    Like her.

    For several years I was lucky enough to dine with Sarah several times a week and hear about her tales of being a native Californian seeking fun and excitement in this lovely little town.

    Currently she is happily committed with a NoCal Romeo who moved down here to be closer to her. It’s sweet. He’s a good lad.

    And I hope tonight he shows her an excellent time. I’m sure he will.

    Happy birthday to my favorite half-Mexican half-Persian babe, Sarah!