1. Monday, April 30, 2012

    today one of my reporters interviewed dov charney 

    dov of american apparel shes a really sweet young woman who works super hard

    and is one of the main reasons why Blogdowntown is as good as it is.

    shes also the secret weapon to our South LA blog, On Central and found the oldest man in town.

    her name is Hayley, shes a native californian and even though, to me, that usually means she’d be super mellow (she is) and has seen it all (well…), i was nervous how Dov would react to her

    because i had heard stories about that man.

    apparently he was on his best behavior because he was talking about something very near and dear to his heart: Immigration.

    but also because Hayley is a solid young reporter who knows how to interview.

    anyways tomorrow is May Day and Dov and all of his employees are going to march down Broadway

    you can get your coverage of the event, by Hayley, on blogdowntown and at kpcc

    it should look something like this:

    may day