1. Thursday, April 19, 2012

    tony, how am i supposed to deal with the world? 


    beats me baby.
    maybe thats what this merry go round is all about.
    maybe its to see how many times we can take it till we puke.
    maybe being misunderstood is what made the good Lord flood all those people
    and maybe whats on the backside of all that anger and frustration
    is why he made a rainbow
    which in olde hebrew/greek means “my bad”
    i know my mom doesnt want me to hate everything
    from the crap they call music today
    to the ignorance and piss i see scrawled across this once great land
    i know the Master Plan isnt to have a lot of people down here saying wtf constantly
    but seriously baby im with you
    w t f
    johnny lydon repeatedly sang anger is the enemy
    the zen master told todd that anger is the enemy of instruction
    but all i know is in the waterboy anger sure seemed to help sandler play foosball
    a long time ago declan mcmanus covered the animals please dont let me be misunderstood
    and i was all, why would you want that so badly that youd have to say please first
    baby i dont ask that question any more.
    so heres how to deal with the world:
    pretend we all go to heaven in the end.