1. Saturday, April 28, 2012

    went to isla vista today 


    saw the monstrosity at the end of the loop

    listened to the kids not give a crap

    theres two bars now in IV. the study hall and what was once Pizza Bobs

    Pizza Bobs is way better, but i didnt drink at neither.

    beer pong at the Nexus

    i drank at the Nexus with the former and current college journalists

    then hung out at the radio station.


    every time i go to santa barbara i wanna stay there forever.

    went to the park and saw a band. went to the beach and saw the waves.


    went to Javans and saw the nice husband and wife.

    ive been to the vatican,

    yoko ono park

    all i know is theres no more holy place

    than IV