1. Friday, April 6, 2012

    xbi sent a pie over today 

    they said their sensors had reported that earlier this week
    i had suffered from post mega millions depression
    and my levels and emotions were way down.

    and say what you want about the absolute lack of privacy
    but i was all, was that what the hell that was?

    worked from home today on a secret project and
    wanted to blog but had zero time as in zero – barely had time to eat.
    but during those weeks when the lottery kept climbing and climbing
    i had plenty of time to day dream about what id do with $100, $200, $300 million dollars

    for a while i couldnt think of a damn thing.
    after all of this bible reading, i was being taught that money was a small game
    a waste of time, a con, a ruse, a red herring, a suckers gambit, a fraud a phony
    a lie

    but then the weird ass sliver of a chance that i could win $640 million appeared
    and suddenly i knew exactly what i would do with the money

    i would remodel motels. every room would be different.
    but theyd all be spotless, quirky, and $100 a night.
    with free wifi, amazing beds, and a 1pm check out.
    the pools would be warm, and the hot tubs would be tepid.
    every property would have a bar.
    also unique and tacky and delicious.

    we live life once and usually roam around a relatively small space.
    but during our most memorable times we get to expand our perspective
    by traveling.

    how nice would it be to stoke vacationers
    with a comfy bed, a stiff drink,
    and a hot tub that never closes?

    i gave the pie to the mailman.