1. Sunday, April 22, 2012

    yesterday i gave the keynote address to the best college journalists of CA 

    cal state fullerton

    many moons ago my friends and i would go to the college journalism awards and clean up.

    we were young and cocky and talented and beautiful and ruthless and we had no advisors

    so we wore dresses to the awards and made out and drank and laughed as we won

    and won and won and won.

    many of my friends have gone on to fame and fortune and i, well, im making due.

    so in preparation to my speech i debated wearing a dress but because the theme of my keynote was


    i figured i would not do the things that i did 21 years ago

    so i wore pajamas, a robe, and sandals

    as i told the kids among other things:

    be courageous, learn what the Mainstream Media is doing thats good and bad,
    figure out why more people read the Huffington Post than the LA Times
    figure out why the Huffington Post got a Pulitzer and the Times didnt
    start using Twitter, quit being boring, quit selling out
    subscribe to the LA Times since it cost just 3 tanks of gas
    and you all say how you want to be pro journalists
    thus you should newspaper stalk your career
    the same way you Facebook stalk your crushes.
    i told them that behind Americas most trusted Newsman (Jon Stewart)
    are an army of writers including a fellow UCSB dress wearer (Jason Ross)
    i told them that the cultural documentarian (Morgan J. Freeman) was also
    a former dress wearer and award winning college journalist.
    and i ended by saying
    “your music sucks, dont let your journalism suck too.”

    i was cheered wildly and a dozen attendees asked me if they could work for me
    for free.

    so, yeah a good day, as witnesed by twitter: