a good man’s brother was murdered this morning

princess di

he was a popular chiropractor who worked in a neighborhood that i often frequent.

beaten to death.

why are we doing this weird little dance down here,

always pretending we’re gonna be here forever.

some jackhole can just enter our little world and blow out our brief candle.

or a car crash happens and we’re no longer princess of earth.

why do we live in the same place, date the same person, do the same things.

this planet is huge, why arent we exploring.

this life is quick, why arent we living.

by we i mean me.

theres so much inside me, theres so much i want to do, theres so much

why am i sitting on it.

is it even still in there

today made me feel like im insane

so lets look at this vintage picture of jeanine in our old apartment way back in the day.

1. thats a 27″ philips tv with NHLPA92 on Sega Genesis playing.

2. on that tv are cassettes, kids

3. below the tv are video tapes

4. see the american flag – right below it is a VHS-C video camera

5. to the right of that is a turntable

6. next to Jeanine’s left hip are two vcrs on top of each other for “dubbing”.

the only things remaining in my apartment today:

the video cassetes.

all of them.

maybe i am insane.

smell here

one of these days someones gonna make a tv series about when Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley were married and living together.

but they should just do it now and get it over with.

kristin stewart should play Elvis’s daughter, duh, she looks just like her

but who will play the king of pop?

i say give it to one of those guys who thinks he can do anything

like daniel day lewis, jamie foxx

or robert downey jr.

it could be like married with children

but with A LOT of children

and of course some wacky neighbors who always come over complaining about their sex lives

and michael, or lisa, or bubbles can roll their eyes and be all

you’re preaching to the choir girl.


after a few episodes we learn that michael lisa corey haim and webster

like to go in the basement and do death metal songs

while chugging jesus juice.

the bands called

smell here.

you know ive never had an affair

city of los angeles

true story.

and i certainly havent had any cultural affairs.

like many ive experienced some affairs of the heart.

which just goes to show you,

we probably should stop listening to that dumb thing.

my heart tells me to keep being a cub fan,

not my logic bone.

my heart tells me that its gonna be ok in the morning,

not the smoke on the water.

tippy tap clicks the rain on the bbq,

tick tock sneers the sands of time

Los Angeles I’m Yours interviews Instagram celeb Paul Octavious

Paul Octavious

kyle fitzpatrick continues to kill it and today was a perfect example,
an interview with someone i never heard of about things very near and dear to my heart

How many times have you visited Los Angeles? What do you think of the city?

I have been to L.A. about 8 to 10 times. It’s such an interesting city to me. I come from a city where I don’t have to drive and tacos are $3. Here you have to drive and tacos are $1. I guess you have to give and take.

read and see the rest here

photo by Paul Octavious

problem child

had a very full weekend. hope you did too.

took in moonrise kingdom with sass at the arclight, its the new wes anderson film.

like many of his characters the main ones here are difficult children.

over the years id been deemed a problem child and as i grew older i graduated to a problem adult.

the xbi just calls me the problem.

ironically they also think im the solution.

the problem with problem children is they just wont do what the authority figures want of them.

but when you are young, arent you supposed to be discovering whats right for you… yourself?

and as long as we are growing, arent we young?

the South LA blog, OnCentral is friendly with a 105 year old man.

he’s been “retired” for 40 years. yet he still drinks booze, eats candy,

and lives independently.

isnt that living as a young person might?

and to some, is a buzzed/drunk 105 year old, a problem?

math has taught us that problems are simply exercises developed to make us smarter.

if thats the case, problem children, problem adults, and wes anderson

should be celebrated.

for ever.


montreal pots and pans protest gets bigger, deffer

it seems like just yesterday i was in quebec having a gay olde time

(which is french for “pas mal”).

even then people were stocking up on pots, pans, and tattoos

to the point that they were almost hoarding them.

dining on the streets of MTL

they made the Americans eat on the streets. we didnt mind.

but we wondered, how on earth did they always know we were from the States?

and now i know.

we had no pots and pans.