today is my first girlfriend marys birthday

i wonder what shes up to.

a few years ago she sent me a little toy truck

could fit in your hand little

“happy spring” the note read.

the last time i went to see her there was fire all around her town

almost an entire circle of fire.

only thing that wasnt on fire was the road that lead in an out of her town

we hadnt seen each other in years

i was all hi she was all hi

look at that fire.

smell that smoke.



she taught me to love writing.

karisa was all this week sucks

lets go to vegas.

i was all nah.

she went why the hell not. we’re young.

i was all because im still mourning MCA.

she was like anthony pierce.

then i said plus what if the xbi needs me. obamas in town.

karisa was all you are not supposed to be talking to them.

then there was an uncomfortable silence.

so i said whatevs vegas is boring.

she said i’ll pick you up at 8am.

be ready.