final clipper game of the year

chris at staples

xbi is taking the truest away for a few years.

they think it’ll break me. (it may)

they’re training her for something supercool and blah blah blah but i will miss her and so will LA

so the xbi got us some front row (upper deck) clippers tix last night at staples and it was nice.

before the game we went to mohawk bend and tipped a few. i ate fish n chips. she had a burger.

we took metro there and back which meant i could have a few Sam Adamses for just $12.50 each.

it made me think: how can i get in a situation where i am allowed to charge people $12.50 for a sixteen ounce beer.

and then i thought, why would i ever charge someone $12.50 for a beer?

maybe for a fundraiser to cure cancer. but other than that aren’t i being super greedy

and kinda a bad person?

did my mom go through 20 hours of labor so i could gouge people when i grew up?

pretty sure she didn’t.

anyway i love chris and it was very nice to see the game with her. even though it ended in heartbreak.

chris had the best idea: clippers fans should get their beers for $5, tops.