lost at softball tonight in pasadena

in pasadena

i havent played softball in 10 years.

but for some reason i thought id be awesome at it.

apparently when youre 137 years old you need more than 5 minutes to get good again.

i made probably 74 errors at shortstop.

i got a hit but i got caught in a rundown in between 2nd and 3rd and forced a throw at the plate

and the producer of the patt morrison show was thrown out at home.

threw like a girl, ran like i had rollerskates on.

even got the outs wrong once.

and yet somehow i had the time of my life.

after the game i was all lets play two

and i meant it.

tony campana is the most exciting cub on the field

loco hothead carlos zambrano used to be the player to watch on the cubs

but now that they are paying the tampa bay rays $15 million to babysit their latino bambino,

hustling centerfielder tony campana has taken the crown as Most Exciting.

one reason you root for campana is because he clearly wants to make the team.

hes a weak hitting speedster who came up last year from iowa and could motor if he got on base

but he wasnt getting on base much.

this year hes batted above .300 all year and would have an even better average if he was more patient at the plate (bros only got 7 walks in 85 abs)

regardless, when he gets on base good things happen.

cubs suck yet any time my man tony campana gets on base, half the time it turns into a run.

some of that has to do with 21 year old starlin castro hitting behind him.

they each have 12 stolen bases this year but campana wants it

all the time. on any hit, grounder, or fly ball.

which is why this dive that he made yesterday is just campana being campana

and who doesnt appreciate a little hustle when going from first to third.

stay hungry my friends

you know who loved the L.A. Kings?

nwa loved the la kings


you know who had to write a Kings are going to the Stanley Cup blog post yesterday?

your boy.

crazy thing about Kings fans – they’re the most loved fans in all of Downtown LA

according to an unscientific study Blogdowntown did last week, waiters, bartenders, waitresses and waitstaff prefer Kings fans over both Lakers and Clippers fans.

i like them because when they ride the subway they have their jerseys on

they remain mostly well-behaved

and then after the game they go home quietly.

i think its because most of them are locals. natives.

and native californians are so sweet.

i wonder if it’s time to buy the house in the hill

house in the hilli wonder if it’s time to live my life

i wonder if it’s time to buy facebook stock

i wonder if it’s time to kiss the girl

i wonder if it’s time to throw it all out

i wonder if it’s time to make the thing

i wonder if it’s time to dream the dream

i wonder if it’s time to take the chance

i wonder if it’s time to bust the dance

i wonder if it’s time to tell the truth

i wonder if it’s time to quit.