montreal pots and pans protest gets bigger, deffer

it seems like just yesterday i was in quebec having a gay olde time

(which is french for “pas mal”).

even then people were stocking up on pots, pans, and tattoos

to the point that they were almost hoarding them.

dining on the streets of MTL

they made the Americans eat on the streets. we didnt mind.

but we wondered, how on earth did they always know we were from the States?

and now i know.

we had no pots and pans.


Gwar + Memorial Day + The Clash

A message from Gwar:

The members of the Slave Pit want to wish a peaceful Memorial Day to all who have given their all in the service of the armed forces of the world. You have our eternal respect and appreciation.

“From the Hundred Years War to the Crimea…
From the lance to the musket to the Roman spear
To all of the men (and women) who have stood with no fear
In the service of the king…”

The Clash, “The Card Cheat”, from the album London Calling

May peace reign, leave the war to GWAR…Happy Memorial Day!

we were never meant to be afar

deep down i want to be a music video director.

deep down i want to run a music video network.

deep down i want to run a deep dish pizza place.

deep down i want to run a magazine stand deep down in the subway.

deep down i find it interesting that the cubs are worse this year than last year

deep down i think i need to plan a summer visit to wrigley field.

and maybe i wont have to fight all of chicago for tickets.