1. Friday, May 18, 2012

    best new album of the week? Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix 

    even Downtown August Brown liked it

    Tenacious D works because its music is as good as the stuff it parodies, and it’s easy to imagine the ode-to-declining-hookup-standards “Low Hangin’ Fruit” or blowin’-stuff-up anthem “Deth Starr” actually making traction on KROQ-FM (106.7). When sincere rock music is DOA on the charts, is it too late to wonder whether the D is the genre’s last true defender?

    it’s uneven, it has too many spoken-joke segues. in the olden days it would have been a good “party album” where everyone sits around eating pizza and listening and laughing together.

    but in an era where there are very few rock stars any more, jack black and KG somehow bring a return to rock

    while being portly and wielding acoustic guitars.

    that alone deserves kudos.