brokaw thinks U.S. feels disconnected from the press b/c of Clooney?

i love tom brokaw as much as the next guy but if he thinks american people

feel disconnected from the press

because a few of them hang out with george clooney occasionally

or attend the white house correspondents dinner once a year

then i feel mr. brokaw may be disconnected from the american people.

no one cares where chuck todd is drinking. no one.

if the people feel disconnected from the press, i would ask mr brokaw

to figure out what is missing that used to be there.

and i would argue its signature columnists, colorful personalities,

and writers who were allowed to write with flair.

where is todays mike rokyo. a pro newspaper man who writes

every day with gusto.

what newspaper is searching for the next hunter thompson

or mark twain?

brokaw should ask his fancy friends what theyd do if a young man with

pith and pluck and bite and pizzaz dared to have an opinion in your paper

what would happen to him.

theres a few sprinkled here and there and in LA we have lopez and tj

but come on.

if the nations columnists were the avengers thered be no hulk

and if brokaw realized that he woudlnt be distracted by clooney

instead he would encourage more opinion-based newspaper blogs.

itd be a smash.