1. Monday, May 14, 2012

    canadians are everywhere (thank god) 

    spent a three day weekend in las vegas to relax, catch up on some reading
    and start my summer dieting routine.
    because i knew the xbi would probably drug me, and take me to the hard rock
    i drugged myself and kidnapped myself to the east side.
    (just kidding mom, no drugs were involved – except fun!)
    certainly did not expect to be recognized,
    but with canadians on vacation i guess anything is possible.

    hard rock hooked me up with a poolside room in the new tower
    which karisa calls the douche tower because of its affliction-esque interior design
    its a tad annoying because you have to shlep through the whole hotel to get to the room
    but part of the summer diet is a tad of walking and climbing.
    lucky me, snoop dogg was playing at the pool sat night, but unlucky me
    after hanging out at the pool saturday day with karisa, her sis and mom,
    we were passed out as the double g freestyled poolside
    no worries, by 11pm we were dining on sea bass and catching our second wind.


    unfortunately (and fortunately) what happens in vegas doesnt end up on the busblog
    even though nothing in here blah blah blah
    lets just say new friends were met, old friendships were solidified
    and lots and lots of books were read
    and one blogger may have gotten a bit tanner thanks to the perfect weather.
    dont forget to rock, north america.