1. Monday, May 14, 2012

    happy mothers day mom 

    mothers daysure its a day late but i sent her flowers on friday and called her yesterday so its all good.

    but happy mothers day mom! i love you sooooooo

    my mom was born in a georgian rainstorm.

    my grandma, legend has it, was picking peaches in the backyard because she was bored of being pregnant.

    everyone said Henri you crazi get your pregnant belly back in the house

    but my grandma couldnt be bossed around and sure enough after a few peaches were plucked,

    the sweetest peach of them all decided it was time to set foot in that red georgia clay.

    everyone said Henri you crazi get over to the hospital and deliver that baby

    but my grandma just sat down in that back yard sipping on lemonade

    and gave birth to my mom on a pleasant september afternoon.

    somehow the only thing that my mom is exactly like my grandma about is

    they both had a beautiful eye for style, keeping a clean house, and a love of books and mathematics.

    my mom was one of the first female computer programmers this nation has ever known.

    in the early days of the xbi they taught her both russian and german but when she insisted on using it for good and not evil she was kicked out.

    only time she was ever fired in her life.

    my mom never swears. once she got frostbite. she was crying on the stairs. it made me cry and the dog bark.

    agony! agony! is all she would say.

    i felt so worthless.

    it was then i decided to move to a climate where my mom would never get frostbite in hopes she would follow to be close to her favorite son.

    but like grandma, no one can tell my sweet momma what to do.

    except Jesus.

    happy mothers day ma!!!!