keep your hand on the stick

weezyother day i had some doubts and i was all wtf

the doubts were all, oh no we belong here.

i was like doubts, i politely disagree with you, i assure you you are not welcomed.

and the doubts had the nerve to insist that they not only deserved to be there


i said ninja please. who pray tell thinks they have the authority to summon your kind in my head?

the doubts were all, give you three guesses.

and i wanted to slap that doubt right in the damn face.

but i hesitated.



they were breeding! multiplying! doubling down!


i was up to my neck in doubts.

at one point i didnt even know if i was dreaming. or nightmaring.

and then i just pictured all the doubts in their boxer shorts.

and went back to flying the helicopter.