1. Sunday, May 27, 2012

    hugh hefner is 86 and is having more fun that you are this Sunday 

    hef on Sunday

    i look at some people and i think, i could do that.

    ive never said that about Hef.

    here he is well along the back nine of life and he’s still got it.

    when i was in vegas a few weeks ago they told me at the Palms that theyre gonna shut down the Playboy Club soon and i was all well no duh

    cuz who cares about Playboy if Hef isn’t fully involved?

    just like who’s gonna care about the mansion once he isn’t there any more?

    im sure his sons are fine and his daughter they say is one reason the magazine is still afloat

    but if a party is going on there without the patriarch on the grounds

    i’d hesitate to call it official.

    LA is so much better with Hef.

    i think thats why God keeps him here.