1. Thursday, May 3, 2012

    i get scared 

    goose bumpsit’s how i know im not dead.

    i have a feeling one of two things happens

    when we die

    either we turn into worm food and get recycled

    or we go to Heaven and party hearty.

    something tells me that if theres an awesome kickass

    omniscient being,

    capable of creating gravity

    and waterfalls

    and rainbows

    and bootyshorts

    He’s not going to bother himself with some sort of

    medieval Hell

    to punish people

    for eternity.

    i think he’d just recycle the wicked.

    therefore i know im still alive when im freaked out.

    in a strange way it’s a good feeling

    to feel my heart beat

    the hairs to rise on my neck

    and goosebumps to appear

    on her legs.

    in LA.

    as summer stretches and yawns across may