1. Tuesday, May 15, 2012

    i wanna be worser 

    i wanna be softer, fatter, balder, older

    i wanna be less interesting, less controversial, more predictable, completely unlickable

    i want it to come out like coldplay

    i wanna mend your heart like drake

    everything i do i want it to be fake.

    when we fight i want it to be consistant, predictable, and always end the same way

    i want us to embrace the misery.

    i wanna have 55 kids all named tom brady

    i want several underwater condos, all on the same block

    each very far from you

    i wanna turn the good into blue

    and the blue into baby blue

    i hope blogging becomes outlawed and poetry makes a comeback

    i hope rick dees and ryan seacrest get stars on hollywood blvd and our taxes are doubled.

    all of this i want because im so bored with life

    too bad nothing rhymes with life