1. Tuesday, May 15, 2012

    i want to be better 

    i want to be harder, funner, quicker, stronger

    i want to be more creative, more dynamic, more versatile, more fluid

    i want it to come out like hendrix

    i want to break yr heart like hank sr

    when we kiss it should taste like happiness

    i want to have 55 kids all named george foreman

    i want a house on the beach and one in LA

    and one in NY

    and one next door to you.

    i want to turn bad things into good

    and good things into omg

    i want to blog forever even if i have to do it with my nose

    or my toes or my elbows or my afro.

    all of this i want cuz i cant fix the cubs.

    all of this i want because i cant change the world.

    all of this i want because rock is dying

    and the kids dont care

    and passion is being diluted and stifled

    and fear is winning

    and courage is turning into a four letter word.

    i wanna go down fighting and kicking,

    and laughing

    all the way to the bank.

    and then rob it.