1. Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    my favorite magazine, black webmaster, was calling in a favor 

    mca-as-sir-stewart-wallace i was all man

    they were like sorry bro.

    one of the clearest teachings at the xbi was

    dont owe anyone anything.

    if someone even looks like theyre about to do a favor for you

    dont accept it.

    dont take anything for free, or at a discount, in fact if you can:

    overpay, overtip, pick up all checks.

    and there i was in a dilema when i learned that black webmaster was about to inadvertently publish a photo of Chopper One.

    i asked them to do me a favor and choose another photo and today they were asking me to remember that one time…

    so i went into their offices after work today and they said we hate to ask you

    but can you make us a list?

    i was all, what sorta list?

    they were like we know you hate lists but can you make one

    i said who said i dont like lists?

    they went you dont hate lists?

    i was like why would i hate lists? what a weird thing to hate.

    and they were all huh

    so i made them a damn list.

    and now we’re all even.