1. Thursday, May 10, 2012

    omg im famous 

    proceed with caution as i have a terrible memory

    and im fixin to head off on a three day weekend

    and as hemingway said i had to keep a statue company

    tonight with a bottle of wine.

    anyway this very nice man has a podcast and invited me on his show.

    at first i was all podcast?

    then i was all podcast!

    and now im all i will Only do podcast interviews from now on.

    so the very nice mans name is colin marshall.

    for 3-4 years he had a program on KCSB in Santa Barbara

    he did a kickstarter to see if he could raise $1,000 to travel around and interview people.

    well he raised $3,000 no problem

    so now he podcasts.

    imagine that.

    if you ask me he did a great job.