1. Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    problem child 

    had a very full weekend. hope you did too.

    took in moonrise kingdom with sass at the arclight, its the new wes anderson film.

    like many of his characters the main ones here are difficult children.

    over the years id been deemed a problem child and as i grew older i graduated to a problem adult.

    the xbi just calls me the problem.

    ironically they also think im the solution.

    the problem with problem children is they just wont do what the authority figures want of them.

    but when you are young, arent you supposed to be discovering whats right for you… yourself?

    and as long as we are growing, arent we young?

    the South LA blog, OnCentral is friendly with a 105 year old man.

    he’s been “retired” for 40 years. yet he still drinks booze, eats candy,

    and lives independently.

    isnt that living as a young person might?

    and to some, is a buzzed/drunk 105 year old, a problem?

    math has taught us that problems are simply exercises developed to make us smarter.

    if thats the case, problem children, problem adults, and wes anderson

    should be celebrated.

    for ever.