1. Thursday, May 24, 2012

    remember when i lounged at the hollywood pool with a pretty girl 

    krista at the roosevelt

    right after i was let go from my last job?

    well that pretty girl has a name, jerks, it’s Krista Simmons,

    and do you remember how she and i were just laughing

    and laughing and taking pictures of our frozen drinks?

    that was because she knew that even though she had also been shown the door

    that we were gonna be just fine.

    Krista, it can now be announced, is going to be a judge on Top Chef Masters

    top chef

    they flew her out to vegas a few months ago and she did her thing

    and was wined and dined and put up in one of the best hotels in town

    and now shes gonna (rightfully) be a huge star.

    what a lot of people dont know is she worked her way up through metromix and brand x

    and then found herself running the thing in its last incarnation

    with a skeleton staff, and she kicked ass.

    im very happy that all of that work ethic and skill is paying off for her.

    i may even have to learn what channel that show is on.