1. Saturday, May 19, 2012

    these boring ladies were all hey come to hollywood park race track friday night 

    the ladies at the hollywood park race track

    i was all nah, id rather wash my hair

    food trucks

    they were like, theres food trucks!


    and suddenly i was in one of Charles Bukowski’s old stomping grounds, hollywood park

    (conveniently located a good half hour drive from hollywood)

    mary and izzy and kroq

    everyone was there, karisa, her mom, her boyfriend, her sister, and izzy and mary and kroq

    g love and special sauce at hollywood park

    even g love and special sauce were there to play to the drunkies after the race,

    but im jumping ahead of myself.

    how many people do you think i can get in one picture who are shorter than a typical lady?

    the answer is six, including three jockeys (one is sorta hidden)

    wanna see what my favorite picture would have been if the iphone was better at night?

    this one:

    smaller than a jockey

    anyways yes there were about 10 food trucks there, but only one was any good

    food trucks

    if Hollywood Park wants to draw a real crowd, having bands play is a good idea

    but a better idea would to be have some really good food trucks like Kogi, the Grilled Cheese Truck, Tacos Arizas

    and of course, Rival Poutine!

    on the big screen

    also have the ladies get interviewed between races and projected on the big screen behind them

    not only did the audience like it better than the races, but we all got “backstage” to g-love.

    one the nose

    meanwhile we all won every race, somehow, mysteriously.

    and now imma gonna buy a new tv with my winnings.

    happiness hemingway

    screw you, hemingway!