1. Wednesday, May 16, 2012

    this is a post i wrote in the past and scheduled for the future 

    bad tummy

    hi future. hope things are going well at 12:22pm.

    yesterday at lunch i had some bad fish. i got it at this sushi place where the food is on little boats.

    the boats float around the place and you grab a little dish and eat it and say ahhhhhhh.

    sadly after few hours the stomach and the fish were all AHHHHHHHHHH

    and i had to leave work about an hour earlier than i wanted to.

    b/c every time i stood up i got dizzy and i felt like my face was turning green.

    my belly and i have a weird relationship. always has.

    when i was a kid it didnt like hardly anything in it. during college i weighed like 120 pounds.

    i could barely eat a whole slice of pizza.

    but soon after college everything was coolio so i ate EVERYTHING. but now i have a gut.

    some of the ladies dont mind. in fact some think its sexy. but of course most dont. nor do i.

    so last night when all my belly would tolerate was saltines that was fine cuz i did eat a bit in vegas.

    however this morning during my morning constitutional it was a bit odd to smell crackers again.

    in the last year the worst my stomach ever felt was in the photo above when etienne and i were eating poutine at mcdonalds

    we were up to something. it was secret. even though im xbi, i really dont like secrets and my belly Hates them.

    and all that cheese and gravy and french fries and happiness and stress and pre stress made me cray.

    strangely i miss all of that, future.

    probs b/c im cray times a zillion.