1. Friday, May 25, 2012

    this is my moms favorite picture of me 

    me and hillary clinton

    im not sure why im thinking about my mom so much today, maybe its the flowers.

    anyway once upon a time hillary clinton came to visit ucsb.

    i had already graduated but the xbi wanted me to stick around for some additional “training”

    and hillary came to stump for bill who wanted to be the next president of the usa.

    storke plaza was filled with people because at this point bill was the front runner.

    the xbi at the time was still in lust with former president reagan and asked me to monitor the speech.

    when i came back with this photo they were not impressed.

    “the xbi, cadet, is not seen, and not heard. we are ghosts in the machine.”

    they said if i ever wanted to be a full agent one day i had to learn to hide in the shadows.

    two years later i formed a band with greg from the wonderfuls and jeff from tsar

    called chopper one, named after the best xbi black helicopter.

    the irony of their instruction was lost on them.

    as usual.