deer tick covers the replacements in edmonton

cant hardly wait was a song the replacements kept in their back pocket for years only playing it live after westerberg wrote it during let it be.

because you only heard it on bootlegs or in concert, one was never sure if the line was

“Jesus rides a Harley, he never works, or sweats”

or “Jesus writes beside me, he never barfs or smokes.”

thus it was a revelation when Jim Dickinson finally got them to put it on wax in nashville during the Pleased to Meet Me sessions

and mellow it out which sorta shocking – because live they rocked it out at almost twice the tempo.

but it did allow fans to hear that westerberg was saying

“Jesus rides beside me, he never buys any smokes.”

rhode island’s deer tick kicked ass with this cover.

bill murray and thoreau on friendship at work

Bill murray moonrise kingdom

the co-star of the wes anderson film Moonrise Kingdom had a great Q&A with Esquire the other day.

this is my second favorite part of the deal.

Esquire: Respect. I think that’s also a Chicago thing: Friendship is no substitute for gettin’ the job done.

Bill Murray: When I work, my first relationship with people is professional. There are people who want to be your friend right away. I say, “We’re not gonna be friends until we get this done. If we don’t get this done, we’re never going to be friends, because if we don’t get the job done, then the one thing we did together that we had to do together we failed.” People confuse friendship and relaxation. It’s incredibly important to be relaxed — you don’t have a chance if you’re not relaxed. So I try very hard to relax any kind of tension. But friendship is different. I read a great essay: Thoreau on friendship. I was staying over at my friend’s house and there it was on the bedside table, and I’m reading it and I’m thinking it’s an essay, so it’s gonna be like four pages. Well, it goes on and on and on and on — Thoreau was a guy who lived alone, so he just had to get it all out, you know? He just keeps saying, “You have to love what is best in that other person and only what’s best in that other person. That’s what you have to love” —

Lincoln [Murray’s young son] [from the top of the stairs]: Dad!

BM: What is it?

Lincoln: The Cubs are beating the Cardinals 9-0.

BM: Nice.

that sound you heard was millions of boys hearts breaking

sir charles and mad ponyas madpony kristin got married last night.

i forgot to get a present until the last minute

and i knew shaq, charles, and kenny were in OKC for the playoffs

so i called up the round mound of rebound and said would you mind

he said this is a turrrrrible idea

i asked why?

he said i bet she wont even know who i am.

i was all, omg shes a boomer sooner so shes down with AP

why wouldnt she be all LOL its sir charles?

he said, but what if she doesnt LOL?

america, kristin was stunned.

anyways from all reports everything went off without a hitch

well, they did get hitched, but everything went smoothly.

and if you notice, charles was even so chill he unbuttoned his top button,

something i have never seen him do ever

congrats baby!

today is my nieces birthday, shes 9

im awesome or 10, or 8, who knows

do kids even have ages any more?

arent they on the metric system yet?

anyways, Kyla is my favorite niece. shes keeps it real. i like that.

she says that her brother is my favorite of the pair.

it’s good to keep kids guessing.

i talked with her on the phone yesterday as i was getting my oil changed.

at first kyla seemed a little grumpy that she was a year older

but then when we talked about the presents she received at her party

she pepped right up.

she was happy to have a new digital camera

and a colorful bag.

“a purse or a backpack?” i asked.

“like um like a messenger bag,” she said, “which is good because i lose stuff a lot.”
she then said,

“oh and I got a shirt that says ‘I’m Awesome’. BECAUSE I AM!”

and then super fast she said, “heres Jo.”

she doesn’t call my mom grandma
she calls her her name.

etienne used to say kyla was our daughter.

cuz she sorta exactly looks like what our kid would look like.
and act like.

hard to disagree with weird truths.

“love you!” she screamed in the background
when she realized she forgot to say it.