game of thrones, mad men, hatfields, mccoys

art by Jacob Hekterthere was a time when i watched a lot of tv.

but you know, wife, kids, house, whens a man got any time to turn on the tube?

this weekend i figured out how to get HBOgo through my xbox

and i started watching game of thrones.

also finished hatfields and mccoys

and then a few wire’s and mad mens.

not to mention fridays overtime hockey game.

my mind and emotions have been barraged.

do you know how many people i saw get killed?

i watched so much tv i forgot to go to frys to see what their

50 inch tv looked like.

it was on sale for just 500 earth clams.

i used to sell 25 inch tube tvs for that.

i dont understand anything.

look who has an apple product

karisa got an iphonekarisas an independent woman.

cant tell her what to do.

dont even try.

like most of my friends, karisa doesnt like to follow the leader, she likes to be the leader.

so for years she had anything but an iphone.

“i dont know why you keep going on and on, my phone can do that too,” shed say.

and they could. but in a meh way, if you ask me.

her last phone had a huge screen. good for pictures, but karisa doesnt take a lot of pictures.

only pics she takes are of me, but the xbi deletes almost all of them.

so the other night she was all, oh look what i got.

i couldnt believe it so i took a picture and instagrammed it.

i still dont believe it.