today is micheles birthday, shes 24

michelemichele was my first california girlfriend. she lived in malibu.

she was a literal tree hugger but because it was cali, she was a palm tree hugger too.

we would drive up and down the coast and she would see a whale and then cry because she knew that the ocean was dirty.

her parents loved me and i loved them right back. i was only 19 and they let me sleep over cuz it was a long way from zuma to inglewood. such lovely people.

michele taught me about poetry, the cure, journalism, dylan, zeppelin, and what romance was supposed to be.

we’d go to foreign films in beverly hills. we’d watch the moon over the ocean. we’d drive and talk and talk and talk.

she taught me about geminis. very valuable lesson. she taught me not to take so many things personally.

she taught me that you could be an idealist and that this life is ours so live it exactly the way we want to live it.

we walked a lot. we read a lot. and man oh man did we write each other a lot because back then there was no email and she liked to write letters. and i liked to write em back.

today michele is married with kids. she lives in the forrest as nature is her bff.

i miss her and think about her whenever i go through malibu i think of her and forget about all the times we broke up.

happy birthday michele. im sending you an esp message of love and joy. you did so much for this boy.