its too late to call my maid


but i want to. my house is a mess. mostly empty ginger ale cans
and dirty clothes. youd think at least the clothes would be interesting but no.
if a fashion label wanted to make a lot of money they would make me their spokesmodel
because clothes rarely look good on me and my bodys not perfect
and i dont have the face of any of those prettyboys in Details.
“if it looks good on bro, it’ll look good on you.”
some good things happened at work today. i work with good people.
a dear friend complimented this post, which made me happy.
had a good lunch. ate a cupcake later. now watching tmz live.
you know who i saw today? senator bill bradley.
know who’s hand i shook today?
danny woodburn, the star of the seinfeld episode,
the stand in.
know who i miss?

kings fans are good fans

went to the staples center last night to see how the kings fans would react if they won

found out learning how nice they are in defeat

in this photo above the pretty girls are saying “great so we have to win on Saturday, ok.”

meanwhile Santa (who summers in Hollywood, obvs) was despondent

because you dont let your opponent off the hook when youre at home.

even a puckhead knows that.

so yeah, Saturday in Jersey, tune in.