someone put something in my drink the other day

at the van halen concert

then the person who met me at the show, i believe was drugged too

then i got on the subway and saw the most fascinating things

none of which i remembered because i was the victim of circumstance

then i got home somehow. which is weird cuz

in the morning i was not hung over, not one bit.

all i was was a little thirsty.

and it made me thing: was the xbi testing me?

or was all that training that the xbi did on us finally paying off

(they love to poison young agents).

(but im not young any more)

i did sorta walk around sunday in a daze.

but that coulda been for a variety of reasons. so i did my laundry, did some press club work,

watched true blood and girls.

read the entire paper.

and found a video i never knew existed of me making out with an old flame.

it sorta made me happy because mama mia were we in love

but it sorta made me sad because mama mia was it sweet.