remember when things were perfect?


remember when the air was clean and gas was cheap and love was free and the radio was filled with the best music

remember when the phone would ring and you had no idea who it was and youd pick up and youd be surprised

and the voice would say tony pierce omg i love you i love you i love you

and youd say mary?

and shed say no silly and giggle and youd say ilka?

remember when youd get letters in the mail and youd open it up and all this glitter would fall out

and the letter smelled good and the stamp was cute and the ink was pink and the stationary was fantastic

remember when people wrote sweet emails and sent pictures and flew out to meet you

remember when the only thing youd ever worry about was

im pretty sure he fired all six bullets, i think im gonna go for it now.

remember when you went for it?

remember when we all went for it?

remember when we would have parties and the whole damn party went for it?

remember when she loved you? like luuuuuuuved you

like the way kanye and kim love each other right now.

love like i dont give a crappy crap crap i luv u baby so much imma take naked pics of your back

and the back of your legs, and that famous part between those two places

and imma put it on twitter and then delete it but send it to the busblog cuz even kayne cant believe it.

remember when we’d just laugh and laugh and laugh and dream and kiss and laugh and kiss more

and float home magically like little birds caught in the warm updraft of sexy

i know you do. cuz i dont remember crap and i do.