theres times when i think about rejoining the agency

i mean how many times can you say no thank you.

but then they do terrible things like change my airline reservations, or blacklist me places

or cause trouble for me at the border and im all oh yeah thats why i dont like them.

they play dirty. for selfish ends.

there was a time when the xbi was around for noble reasons. and they used their efforts for good. mostly.

whats so hard about doing things for good?

whats so weird about doing nice things for people in need not for money not to feel omg about yourself not for power not for fame not for any other reason other than we were born with skillz and we learned how to accentuate them and we learned how to work as a team

why does everything have to be about money power fear?

why do the smartest people fall for the oldest traps?

and if im so smart why cant i predict the future like i used to.

maybe ive lost the mojo. maybe the games changed.

maybe the xbi is just as lost as i feel sometimes.

too bad they cray and dicky

missed my flight yesterday

xbi wanted to know why. i was all how did you get this number?

then i said it all started when i drove across town because i really wanted monkfish.

they call monkfish the lobster of the sea, or the poor mans lobster.

its a super ugly fish that actually does taste like the popular bottom feeder.

so i went way far away to get there and

the only thing they were out of was wicka wicka monkfish.

so i rented a boat, sailed out to where the monkfish lived

dipped my line in the water and this big ole monkfish climbed up outta the water

and said, scuzie we’re celebrating the graduation of the middle school,

come back later.

and i was all ?????

and it popped back up and said

try the trout.